Saturday, 13 August 2016

Valerie Adams

Valerie Adams leading for the second round of Shot Put until the remarkable Michelle Carter (USA) stuns Valerie Adams to snatch the Gold Medal.
Valerie Adams has had an interview with One News interviewers and has thanked New Zealand's when Michelle Carter had beaten Valerie Adams personal best (20.42m) while her self having 20.63m.
We all thank Valerie Adams for trying her best in the Olympics.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Orgin & History of the Olympic Games

Here is my Olympic Timeline, I really hope you enjoy this!

Why our School should have a School Bus

Why our School should have a School Bus.

Having a School bus would be very useful. I am debating on whether our School should or should not have a School Bus, I have many many reasons for arguing from this point.

I have several reasons for arguing this point of view. First, having a School Bus is important because if we are needed a School ride, there is no need for calling a taxi, uber or rental busses. When we need to go on a School trip our School wouldn’t need to spend extra money on a Bus.

A further reason is that people living far from School can catch the School bus and the bus would take them straight to School. For example I live in Mount Wellington and my School is in Glen Innes, I would walk to a specific bus stop and catch the School Bus.

Furthermore reasons are that, when having a School Bus, students can catch the bus but pay for a little amount. Living in Mount Wellington, going to the bus stop to catch the bus and not paying as much as Auckland Transport would be very nice for all students catching the bus.

Therefore though some people might argue that my statements/reasons could be incorrect.

I think that I have shown proper statements/reason about School Busses.

Kiwi Can

During School Thursdays & Fridays we have been going to Kiwi Can, we have learnt a lot.

Theme : Resilience
Topic : Goal Setting

Catchphrase : A goal is something to achieve, if you work hard and just believe.

WALT - Create simple action phrases to help us achieve our goals.

What does fair play mean to me?

WALT - Interpret the meaning of fair play

What does Fair Play Mean to me?

It is fair to expect me to
* Learn and agree to follow the rules of the game
* Respect all members of the game
* Be honest during the game
* Be a good winner and loser
* Play at the best of my ability
* Listen to all members, especially our coach
* Make sure to work all together
* Share all equipment in all ways I can

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

We shouldn't have school unifoms

We shouldn’t have School Uniforms

Having School Uniforms is a pleasure and a good gift for all, I am debating about having school uniforms and have reasons to back my statement up.  

I have several reasons for arguing this point of view. First, wearing school uniforms is a good thing because, during school trips or outings we could get noticed for doing a good deed. Saying this specifically, normally towards the end of a trip or school outing, we help clean up the place. If we had our school uniforms on, then the person incharge of the place would know  which school students had  helped in keeping the place clean and tidy.

A further reason is that on sports days we could also get noticed but for a different reason. If an opponent would want to know which school we are from they would see our School Sports Uniform and know which school we are from.

Furthermore, school uniforms won’t make us feel different in any way, for example if a school students have school uniforms, anyone couldn’t/wouldn’t see us for different equals. They will only see that none of us are rich and no of us are less rich. That is why it’s important to have school uniform.

Therefore though some people might argue that my statements could be incorrect.

I think that I have shown proper statements about Schools and Uniforms.

Pepeha Panels

This is my Pepeha Panel that I have created with the help of my class teachers.

Full Reading Activities

WALHT: We are learning to make predictions using visual cues and our prior knowledge on the topic or title and by reading the text.

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I am able to confirm my prediction by reading the text.

Title:  Nga Pakanga o Aotearoa

Author: Ross Calman

  1. My Predictions:
I predict that this article is going to be about New Zealand and it’s past features.
I predict this article is about the different types of wars that had happened in New Zealand.
I predict that this article is about New Zealand's history on wars/machinery and everything in the past/history.
  1. Key Ideas:
Nga Pakanga o Aotearoa
The Endings
New Zealand
British Soldiers
Heke Pokai
Nga Puhi
Battle of Ohaeawai
The Northern War
1845 - 1870s (around this time)
  1. Vocabulary and meanings:
Kororāreka - Is a place north of New Zealand, british intruders called this place Russell.
Palisades -Is a fence that could be built, and was built by Maoris
  1. My question and answers:
When did all the wars end?
  • The Northern War - 1846
  • The Taranaki War - 1861
  • The Waikato War - 1864
  • Very End War - 1872
When did all the wars begin?
  • The Northern War - 1845
  • The Taranaki War - 1860
  • The Waikato War - 1863
  • Very End War - 1800s - 1840s
  1. Summary:

This article is all about the New Zealand Wars, and the history of each one of them. Let’s start off with the Northern War which started around 1845 and ended around 1846. The next war was the Taranaki War which began 1860 and ended in 1861. The Waikato War began 1863 and ended around 1864. There was the very last war which started around 1800s - 1840s, but ended around 1872.