Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Holiday Homework Poem : Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer

After December                                                  Leaves turning lighter
Autumn becomes a member                            And my skins tighter
Yellow and Brown                                              So get used to the warmness
All around the town                                           As no ones flawless

From warm to cold                                            Wind, Snow, Rain and Hail
I’m still going old                                               Would always leave a trail
In this freezing weather                                   So stay inside to see more
You’ll feel like a feather                                  And don’t forget to snore

Springs coming up                                           Spring makes world a happy place
Maybe I’ll get a pup                                        And you’d see it on their face
It’s very warm                                                   Birds arrive and flowers come out
In a different form.                                          I never have a doubt

Summers here and it’s hot                            Hot not cold filled with love
And I love the beach - a lot                          I would like a dove
Longer Days, shorter nights                         Take care in this season
As always watching lights                            Because there's a reason

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Visit to Auckland Live (Nz Opera)πŸŽ“

Today Room 8 and 10 had the delight of going to Auckland Live in the Auckland Town Center. Rom 8 was split up into 3 groups so we would know who was in each group.

Inside Auckland Live, we had to see all the behind the scenes, prop making, make - up & wigs, it was an amazing experience visiting Auckland Town Center. The most shocking thing (in a good way) was how they gave us an exclusive sneak peek about what was going to happen about Sweety Todd. I am not going to give anything away but if you would like to hear all about Auckland Live/ Town Center visit their site.

Link to Nz Opera

I really enjoyed this trip to Auckland Town Center and I can wait to go back!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Science Intensive Week : Room 7

Today Room 8 went to Room 7 and had learnt all about Movement and why things are able to move.
This is my Word Bank below

Isaac Newton
He was the first one to ever think about how, what and why things Move.
Which is 3 Laws of Motions, Unbalanced Force, stays the same (rests). Is also to resist from changing the force.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Science Intensive : Room 7

Today after Interval and Lunch, Room 8 had a special visit down to Room 3 to learn about Science.

In Room 3 Miss Stone (from room 7) was there and she had an exciting day planned for us.  We did an experiment where we made Oblique which is Water and Cornflour and we didn't know if it was a Solid or Liquid.

Next we did another experiment involving a lot of equipment and patience.  It was Chemical Rocket and we had to try and create a Chemical Rocket.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Friday, 9 September 2016

Presentation about Electricity⚡️

I have created this presentation to show my learning. I really hope you enjoy my presentation.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Netball Series with Auckland Netball

For the last few months lots of school have been participating in Netball at the Auckland Netball Courts.
Just last week there was a Prize giving ceremony for all the schools that had participated. Prizes were given to teams that had either come first, second or third, but the good thing was  that everyone acted well.

Glenbrae was put into E group and we came first in our.  We were so excited and filled with lots of enthusiasm. After receiving our certificates and badges we had our team photo taken

By Aaliyahna

Trip to AUTπŸŽ“ πŸ–₯

Tuesday the 6th of September was a very unique day for me as 10 students from each school : Glenbrae, Pt England, Glenn Innes and Glen Taylor had been selected to have an opportunity to take part in a program where you learn all the Insurance and all the different qualities of Insurance.

Each School students received a different type of currency and that was a group. I participated in the Shekel group which is a currency from Israeli. The AUT we went to was the South Campus (Otara), we learnt about what types of Insurances their was, my group and I learnt a lot about the different types if Insurance.

Auckland University of Technology also provided us food, prizes and Technology. I really enjoyed my time at AUT.

Learning about Light in Room 9

Today in Room 9, Room 8 spent a bit of time learning about Light and the different types of objects that light can require. I will be listing a few facts that I have learnt about Light.

What is Light?
Light is a type of natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

What is Man Made Light?
Batteries, Electricity and much more.

What is Natural Light?
Sun and the Fire.

I have learnt a lot about Light and I hope that you enjoy this information.

Room 9 Science Intensive week.

Reflecting using mirrors and a laser pointer
* Seeing it reflect
* Laser was getting out of battery
* Mirrors a bit too small.
* That it actually reflects well
Magnifying with paper and seeing the background
* Seeing the pictures upside down

It was very cool to see the picture on the paper upside down
Torch and using it to double. Including magnifying.
* Seeing the torch and magnifying glass picture double

I wonder how it does that but it was very interesting.
Disco Ball with a torch
* Seeing the glass ball light up and spin

Seeing the
Emerald (white) spin and look like a disco ball.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Financial Literacy

Today, Mr Mike Morgan and Mr Matthew Hawley came to Glenbrae School from Price Water house and Coopers (an accounting firm).
They have taught Room 8 a bit about saving Money. They will also be coming in until Thursday. Mr Mike Morgan and Mr Matthew Hawley gave us some tips about Ways to earn and save money.

I really enjoyed this morning.