Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Day #4: Swimming with the Sharks : Activity 2

Activity 2: After a morning of learning about beached whales in Golden Bay, you and your group are driven to a nearby town, Nelson, to watch a special movie calledWhale rider.’ It is a famous movie about a young girl who was born and raised in New Zealand. Watch the following movie trailers for Whale Rider: Whale Rider trailer #1 and Whale Rider Trailer #2 and then write a summary of the movie on your blog. What is it about? Be sure to also give the movie a rating out of 5 based on the trailer [1 = bad movie, 2 = okay movie, 3 = pretty good, 4 = good movie, 5 = excellent movie].
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When ‘Whale Rider’ finishes, you and your tour group enjoy a delicious meal in downtown Nelson before heading back to your hotel. You need to go to bed early because you have to get up at 4:30 a.m. the next morning to travel back to Farewell Spit to see a group (pod) of Hector’s Dolphins. It is going to be an early morning!
My rating for this movie is a 5 🌟 rating!
The movie is about a girl and her genealogy/family! Paikea was born with her twin brother, but was stillborn, but surprisingly she survived. In her family, all males are considered to be chiefs, but Paikea wants to be be one, despite what her Grandfather Koro believes (he believes that all chiefs should be males), which means entirely she wouldn't be able to acquire that leadership. Koro's beliefs had started from one of Paikea's descendant, known as the Whale Rider, for riding on top of a whale from a certain distance. Paikea begs for that leadership, in which she is determined to get but she still needs to convince her Grandfather, Koro!


Luisa said...

Hola ana,

I loved reading your movie report/summary on the Whale Rider. You have put a lot of depth in it. Would you recommend this movie for other's to watch?, I know I sure would. Keep up the great work!.


Mrs Tofa said...

Kia orana Aaliyahna,

I was just commenting on Luisa's blog that Keisha the main character used to live on Line Road and she also attended One Tree Hill College. Oh what I would like to include in your comment though is the writer of the story is Witi Ihimaera one of my favourite authors from NZ. He writes such beautiful stories. I love the use of Te Reo Maori in his work and also the inclusion on Maori culture and traditions. I learnt about Witi's work when I was in college. My Englisth teacher used to read some of his short stories to us and I was a fan from then on. You might want to search up some of his other publications.

anita said...

Hi Aaliyahna,

I really enjoyed your fine description about the Movie,Whale Rider.It gave me a exact picture of what the movie is about! Nice job! Can you explain more about why you gave the movie a rating of 5?


daniel said...

Hi Aaliyahna
Your summary about the movie is excellent. I only gave it a three out of five because it doesn't seem like a movie I would like to watch. Keep up the good work.

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