Friday, 1 December 2017

Barbados Quiz~ Inquiry Presentation!

Today was Inquiry Presentations, in my group, Luisa, Linda and I collaborated together to create a information stand, quiz and pin point the location. Here is what we had written on our information stand about Barbados!
Before you start this quiz, read the information! If you get 7 - 10 questions correct, you WIN a treat!!!!!
1.Name at least 2 famous celebrities from Barbados?
2. Can you tell us one thing about the history of Barbados?
3. Tell us the meaning of the colour & features on the flag.
4. What do you call people who come from Barbados?
5. Name one of the local traditions Barbados have?
6. What is the name of the most popular Barbados dance?
7. Food is popular in the Barbados, what is their signature delicacy?
8. What language is spoken in Barbados?
  1. Barbarius b) English
9.What continent is Barbados located in?
10. What year was Barbados declared & became an independent state as well as a commonwealth realm?


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