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Day #4: Swimming with the Sharks : Activity 1

Day #4: Swimming with the Sharks
By the end of Day #3, you have seen a lot of the north island of New Zealand.  Hopefully you have enjoyed it and you’re excited for the next phase of your journey – the ferry trip across the Cook Strait from the bottom of the north island to the top of the south island. You will spend the next two days exploring the south island before you head back up to Auckland, via Wellington (the capital city of New Zealand).
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Activity 1: When you arrive in the south island, Curious Kiwi rents a shuttle van and drives your group from Picton (the town where the ferry dropped you off) to a beautiful beach on the opposite side of the island. The beach area is called Golden Bay and, at one end of the bay, is a stunning area called Farewell Spit.

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Farewell Spit has been in the news recently as a number of whales accidentally swam into the spit and became stuck on the beach. They were unable to swim back to the ocean because the water was too shallow. Many local people tried to save the ‘beached’ whales. Please follow this Farewell Spit link to learn more about what happened. On your blog, describe what the local people did to try and save the beached whales.

The Farewell Spit is formally known as "Tuhuroa" which is a confined sand spit at the Northern End of Golden Bay, South Island! Reporter Michael Cropp say that the Farewell Spit is now a graveyard, due to the casualties of Whales. Local People/Volunteers are staying at the Farewell Spit, day and nightfall to ascertain that the Whales will be alright and back into sea soon! Many are contributing by offering, towels, sarongs and t-shirts to cover the whales, and others are offering their bowls to help the water coming. Locals and Volunteers are collecting water to give, due to the circumstance of them not being able to breathe our Air. It is very good to know that we care about our Sealife!Image result for Farewell Spit


Luisa said...

Talofa Ana!, great start to day four!. The local people are marvelous and courageous people, right?. You are correct indeed, the reason they kept the whales damp was due to their difficulty of breathing our air. Great clarification there!. Once again, great work!. Keep up the marvelous work!.


Aaliyahna M said...

OlΓ‘ Luisa. Yes you are accurate!! Thank you so much, hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

Keep up the amazing work, cant wait to see what you have in store for day 5.

Nahnah (Aaliyahna)

Mrs Tofa said...

Love reading your comments to each other. Feels like I still in the classroom :). I have been thinking about Farewell Spit and I am so sure there is a legend to the name. Farewell spit, are you able to check and confirm if there is a story to the name Aaliyahna? When you have time of course as I know you are busy with your Winter learning journey and Waka ama and other aspects of your busy life. Meitaki maata :)

Unknown said...

Kia ora Aaliyahna and Luisa,

I completely agree with Mrs Tofa - it is fabulous to see that are commenting on each other's work and supporting each other's learning! The episode at Farewell Spit was terribly sad, however, it did bring out the best in human nature. People jumped in and did everything that they could to save and to protect the whales that were beached there. I find it really inspiring when I see people stepping in to help injured animals.

Aaliyahna (and Luisa), I hope that you will continue to set such a great example in this programme. You are doing a really nice job with your blog posts and with your commenting.

Keep it up gals!


daniel said...

Hi Aaliyahna
I do feel really sorry for those poor whales. It makes me think of how I would feel if I was stuck on a beach, dying from lack of water and away from my homeland (The sea). Keep up the amazing work.

Joshua V said...

your delightful

Maria said...

Hi Aaliyahna I really like what you wrote for Swimming with the Sharks. That ship made me remember about the ferry to Rangitoto Island. I love and I think it's so perfect.

Amihuti said...

your work is very good keep it up

Amihuti said...

I hope you have 500 coments

Anonymous said...

Nice one Aaliyahna nice work hope you have a great day at ur school

Ana T said...

hi Aaliahna nice one I really enjoyed reading your writing that is really GOOD

Ana T said...

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