Saturday, 8 July 2017

Day #1: 100% Pure New Zealand : Activity 2

Activity 2: Your tour of New Zealand is going to start right here in Auckland. Watch the Tourist video for Auckland to learn about the awesome things that you can see and do in the city. Once you’ve finished, choose your favourite five activities from the video and list them on your blog.  
I’m going to speak from the perspective of a person, who would like to tour New Zealand.
Activity 1) Explore the scene of Coastline, the beautiful waters, statue like rocks.
Activity 2) Go towards the cities, MAJOR attractions, like Bungee Jumping or Sky City visits!
Activity 3) Visit the Ferry Terminal, and see the structure of the building!
Activity 4) Visit the Museum and learn a bit more about New Zealand.
Activity 5) Visit the Auckland Zoo and explore the animals around there, as well as, Rainbows End!


Mrs Tofa said...

Kia ora Aalyahna which of these attractions would you like to visit first if you were a tourist and why? Also something to think about is transportation for tourists. Which would be the most convenient transportation to these sites? Personally I would probably start with the Ferry buildings as it is in the CBD and therefore I would be able to walk to other attractions such as the Sky City and some great restaurants in town. Ka kite for now.

Aaliyahna said...

Kia Ora, Mrs Tofa! As a tourist, I would most likely, incorporate my activities, like taking the ferry terminal around and then probably take a city bus to the City and explore around there. Like trying New Zealand foods and shopping for souvenirs. Well, my reasoning is quite confusing, I think, there are many attractions on the Ferry such as, having a view of Rangitoto Island and the Sky City.
I really like your perspective, it actually is quite true. Ka Kite :)


Aaliyahna :)

daniel said...

Hi Aaliyahna
I definitely would love to go to rainbow's end. Have you been there before? And, if you have, what is your favorite ride there? Keep up the good work.

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