Friday, 28 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey Congratulations!

As you would all know by now, the Winter Learning Journey has just occurred and many students for different schools blogged about the activities provided in the Winter Learning Journey! For each activity blog, Rachel and her team would keep a count on how many points are in total! and to receive extra points, you would have to comment on others blogs and give some feedback! The Winter Learning Journey is an efficient way to keep your grades up and ready for the following term!

Are you ready to see our finalists?! Here we go!

Congratulations to first place, the most generous, amusing, resilient and wise young lady, Luisa!
Also, congratulations to these two very entertaining, calm and bubbly ladies, Anita and Telesia.
Now for a final congratulations to the funniest and weirdest person I've met, and most up straight and rebellious one, Cherise!
(I have blurred out the last names of these astonishing bloggers for Cyber Smart safety)!

Thank you again Rachel and your team, for providing Glenbrae School, and not only Glenbrae, but many more schools with this stunning opportunity to participate in the Winter Learning Journey! We truly give our gratitude for this.
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