Monday, 31 July 2017

P.E with Mrs Gray!

This morning was super fun! Room 7 had a enjoyable P.E session, it was challenging for some, but easy for others!

The very first activity we did was our circle stretching! We stood in a circle looking a little exhausted but as soon as someone displayed a stretch we slightly woke up and continued to stretch! Vainikolo started the stretches, as usual and we all did the movements that we were acquired to do. After the the stretches were finished, we were assigned to do 3 laps around the netball courts, starting with the agile girls, followed by the rapid boys. I myself have been doing quite a few kilometers for my sport (Waka Ama) and it helps, as I came first!  3 laps around the courts was great.

After our 3 laps, we sat and waited for approximately 2 minutes, thinking it was time to go back into class but no, Mrs Gray let us have extra fitness by having a relay session, the girls verses boys! Our first race was pleasant and I enjoyed it!
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