Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day #6: Native Aotearoa : Activity 1

Day #6: Native Aotearoa
Welcome to Day #6 of your journey and the last day in the south island. You are going to start the day by traveling 63 km north up State Highway 1 from Dunedin to a place called ‘Shag Point.’ Shag Point is one of five places in the south island where the Maori arrived hundreds of years ago to settle in New Zealand. They arrived at Shag Point in large canoes called ‘wakas.’ For more information on Shag Point and other Maori landing places, go to the Waka landing places website.

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Activity 1: Let’s imagine that you were on the first waka to arrive at Shag Point. You had never been to New Zealand before and you had no idea what to expect. Write a poem describing how you would have felt when you arrived in New Zealand. Would you have been excited or scared? I would have felt pretty nervous, I reckon…
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It was time, to explore throughout this land
But first my crew and I pulled our Waka with force,
Embracing our arrival, we stand
in an anxious state, searching for a course.
We walk in slight agitation, aloud
Past shrubs, woodlands and bugs
Seeing the cultural dances, beyond the sky and clouds
As I was timid, I was hoping for some hugs!
I revolute back, and glance at the sea
Again with hesitation to revolute back,
Spirits are set free,
Which no evils are pitch black!
Tense, Apprehensive and anxious to be here
Despite that I’m safe
I’m still impeccably unsure!


Telesia said...

Bonjour Aaliyahna,

I loved your poem. I just love how you include many new words into your writings or even poems. I am sure you spent a lot of time on this because this is a incredible poem.

Keep up the great Work!


Aaliyahna M said...

Dia dhuit Sia!

Thank you! I sure did, I just thought about the fact, not knowing the beauty of New Zealand and a new welcoming from my perspective! I loved your poem as well.

See you soon.

Yours Sincerely,
Nahnah :))

daniel said...

Hi Aaliyahna
Your sentence 'As I was timid, I was hoping for some hugs' is definitely the best by far. Also, good job on making your poem decently long - some people did some very short ones. Keep up the excellent work.

Luisa said...


I loved reading your poem, you have a gift!. It was very captivating and captures several of emotions. Your use of vocab was very exquisite!. Superb!.

Kind regards,

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