Thursday, 28 August 2014


We have been learning about volcanoes and here are some of the questions we answered in our group work.

How do people know when a volcano is about to erupt?
The floor shakes really hard and loud.
Can a volcano, which has not been active for many years erupt again?
Some volcanoes can be active again and some can't.
What was the first volcano to erupt in the world?
It was in Yellowstone 2.2 million years ago.
When was the first volcanic eruption in history?

It was First Historical Eruption of Anatahan Volcano, Northern Mariana Islands

Has a volcanic eruption killed many people in Auckland?
120 people.
How long do people have to escape when a volcano erupts?
Not that much time.
How is a tornado formed?
There is a storm that comes and it is called a cell storm and then all the warm and cold air comes and it combines and then it forms.
How many volcanoes have erupted in New Zealand?
There were 55 volcanoes that erupted.
How many volcanoes are in New Zealand?
48 volcanoes around New Zealand but 60 active.
What are the warning signs before a volcano erupts?
The floor just shakes really hard and loud

Monday, 18 August 2014

Nz Elections

Did you know that New Zealand was the first to allow females to vote for elections

Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Tฤmaki Redevelopment

The Tฤmaki Redevelopment Company has partnered with the Government and Auckland Council to launch plans for a new Early Childhood Education centre for Glenbrae Primary, the redevelopment of the local Scout Hall and 32 new homes.
Look at the link below!!.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Te Reo

1.Ko Maungarei te maunga
2.Ko Tamaki te awa
3.Ko Vaka te waka
4.Ko  Sisoua  toku Tipuna
5.Ko  Ululauta Mutalau  toku iwi
6.Ko  Palmerston North    toku hapu
7.Ko  Te Tahawai  toku marae
8.Ko  Niue/ Cook Islands toku ahau
9.Ko Paul raua ko Alissa oku matua
10.Ko Aaliyahna toku ingoa

My Diagram

My Diagram is about all kinds of countries that  have became intensive food growing zones.

United Kingdom

Northern Russia.

New Zealand



Alim Work

In Alim we had to find fractions within a whole.

WALT - find fractions within a whole

Task 1 - What fractions do you need to add to make one whole.
Eg ½ + ½ = 1

⅔ + ⅓ __ = 1
5/7 + _ 2/7 _ = 1
¾ + _1/4  _ = 1
3/9 + _6/9 _ = 1
5/7 + _2/7 _ = 1
5/6 + _1/6 _ = 1
3/4 + ¼ __ = 1
7/10 + _3/10_ = 1

Task 2 - Birthday cakes. Calculate my age by using the candles on each slice of cake
1. 24.
2. 60.
3. 20
4. 32.

My Current Events

For reading we had to do some Current events and this is my first one.

Warriena Tagpuno Wright has fallen down from a balcony of Avalon Apartment block at Surfers Paradise in Australia, Gold Coast on Friday. The police is still investigating the case of her death. The case is important because she is a New Zealander.  

Monday, 11 August 2014


There was a Powhiri at our school and we had to write about it.

Hello! I’m Aaliyahna and I’m going to tell you about the special event that happened this morning at our school, Glenbrae Primary in Glen Innes.

When I first got to school, there were sausage sizzles and also pulpy and fruit drinks and I ate 2 sausages and 2 drinks for free , and that was my breakfast. Then we  went to room 7 to put  our bags away and have some free time for a little bit. Then we went to the hall again  and all the sausage sizzle mess was gone.

Next we sat down in the hall and then we got ready.  When we sat down we heard the haka that Room 10 and 9 did. Then after room 10 and 9 finished the haka,  Nick Smith and the Mayor of Auckland, Len Brown came inside to see us.

We standed up and we sang a song and it was E Tasi Ae E Lasi  when we finished singing E Tasi Ae E Lasi  Len Brown talked about when and where he grew up and he grew up in the south. When he finished his speech he sang a song and it was Te Aroha and while he was singing it we decided to sing with him.

When Len Brown finished, Dr Nick Smith started to talk about the early childhood Education center. When he finished his speech  we sang E Toru nga mea. When we finished singing that song a Maori person that was sitting next to Dr Nick Smith did a speech about the early childhood education centre.

When we finished we lined up to go near the tree that they were going to cut down and when we formed a semicircle they got a shuffle and took it and dug the ground. They put some of the soil into a red bucket.

When the bell rang we went to class and had lollies and blew up balloons.

The end!!.
Here is some pictures