Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Aaliyahna Current Events

 A man shot in the face with a sawn-off rifle denies allegations suggesting he shot himself, and says he still has nightmares about the incident.
In the High Court at Hamilton yesterday, Steven Robert Nicol, 32, denied a charge of the attempted murder of Christopher Young in Cogswell Rd, Raglan, on April 18, last year.
Through his lawyer, Matthew Bates, Nicol also denied an alternative charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
Instead he claimed Young shot himself after the pair struggled with the .22 rifle in the front seat of a Holden Rodeo.
But that suggestion infuriated Young as he sat in the witness box.
"It was after it had gone off and seen it in his lap.
"I wrestled it out of his grip . . . I relive that night every single night," Young said.

Justice (Source: ONE News)

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Aaliyahna Giraffe Prestation

Aaliyahna Phytoplanktons

Aaliyahna Kiwi Facts and Video

Argument writing about the sea

People should be able to take the size of 60cm long of fish

People should only be able fish which are 60 cm or more. If people take fish which are 30 cm, they are not giving fish enough time to be in the sea and produce other fish.

Fish also help other parts of the sea grow and if they stay in the sea for longer then they will be able to help the sea.

The law should be changed to help the fish in the sea grow and spend longer in the sea before being caught by humans for eating.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Current Events - Reading Activity

A builder has lost his claim to a 1965 Ford Galaxie car he says he was given in lieu of $14,000 payment for work done for a drug dealer.

Stephen Christopher Rowe said he was not involved in Porky Rimene's drug deals and did not know about them when he was working on Rimene's fire-damaged home in
Masterton in late 2010.

The Dunedin man has now been charged with murder following the death of a man from an assault in the toilets of a city bar.
Stephen Anthony Fernyhough aged 25,
He was arrested and charged following the death of 35-year-old Ryan Court.
Mr Court was found unconscious in the toilets of the Craft Bar early on a Sunday morning last month and could not be revived.
1965 Ford Galaxie (Source: Wikimedia Commons - Duston15)

Friday, 9 May 2014

Inquiry Presentation

Today on the 8 May 2014 I was happy  because we were going to see all the classes work from last term.

What we did first was practiced in class just so we got it right. When it was past nine we had 5 presenters that stayed in class there names is Maara, Levi, Robin, Whitney and Cherise. Maara did a map tree joke, Levi did a Man Shelter, Robin did foods to take in the Wild and Whitney talked about tents when you go camping.

The first class we went to was Room 1. They gave us a worksheet to do and the one who did the whole worksheet gets a prize. The next classroom we went to was Room 2. We looked at a slide show and it was talking about  Native trees and Native birds. The last words said we were allowed to look around and see all the Charcoal Kiwis they made. I learnt that a NZ Native forest has a Kauri and Kowhai tree in it.

The next room we went to was Room 5. There were three sections there was a obstacle course one and making lollie bugs and a quiz (it was on computer). We had to sit in three lines. The first line went to the obstacle course and the second line went to the lollie activity and the last line went to the computer one.

The next class went to was Room 10 it was about a video and a boy leaves his First aid kit at home while he was in the wild. Then Eseki did a slideshow and it told us alway be prepared for thing that will happen. I learnt that always take a first aid kit with you and get prepared.

The second to last room we went to was Room 8. They talked about the six thinking hats and one of the Native trees which is Flax. I learnt that one of the Native trees it Flax.