Friday, 31 July 2015

Funny story

Once upon a time there lived not  ordinary animals but jumping elephants. They lived in the jungle, that seriously smelt bad. All of the living animals, blew balloons especially the baboons. 

A year later there was a girl named Evangeline who would walk & talk, through the jungle. She’d always seen the elephants jumping , twirling and doing a tango dance, and the baboons blowing there pink balloons.

One day she looked at a big huge log, she sat down and said “this thing is squishy”. She didn’t know what it was until, “Ploop”. An alligator popped out of the water with lemons and said “ahhh sour, sour lemons”. The alligator also did an dance, the “nae nae”.

Evangeline always made an day when she’d had fun with the animals, instead of jumping elephants, there was dancing elephants, Lemon baboons and alligator blowing their blue balloons.

The animals in the jungle were unordinary Evangeline thought there would be mockingjay birds but no, she had thought wrong. The animals could actually talk.Maybe not.

Evangeline would laugh when she heard the alligators jokes but Quincy (the main elephant) didn’t like it, it was about him.

Quincy came up with a joke about the alligator.“What do you call an alligator in a vest”?“Investigator”  “HAHAHA” Quincy said/laughed.

Evangeline finally said bye. For a bye present she blew balloons, danced to the nae nae and did the Tango with the elephants.
                           The END haha…

Maori words

This week was Maori Language Week. I learnt some new words from the text I read for my reading activity.

Words in Maori
Names in Maori
Paua- A shelled seafish
Tapu- Restricted or apart
Pipi - A common edible bivalve
Rata - Large forest tree with hard red timber.
Totara - Large forest trees with prickly olive green leaves.
Piwakawaka - A fantail bird
Tumatauenga -
Tangaroa - Leader of all sea animals.
Atua - A God or demon
of his/her group

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Poetry Recital

This morning,the whole of Glenbrae School walked down the school Hall and had their first ever Poetry Recital. There were 3 people that presented  each class.

Our class presenters were,  Maara, Angelica and Moses.
Maara was introduced and thanked by DoraMata
Angelica was introduced and thanked by Lindakiki and Fraser
Moses was introduced and thanked by

It was very fun and exciting to watch the rest of the school because it was nice and funny.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Horse Poem remade

The Brown pastel makes my heart pump, chosen out with responsibility, producing the blueprint of a colt when already it’s there all done, a extraordinary alluring employment ; then shading the colts in brown as strong, infrequently going up the perimeter but often filling up the area after fright or confusion and embracing in the carton, eyes slowly close for something more or less surprising for the azure and finding inmost blue by calamity.

My Mothers Coat : Poem Remade

As a infant
I remember feeling warm
in my Mum’s coat
I think I looked
big buttons
emerging from the folds
that was the only thing
there for me   

I’d always commemorate
Its uncommon threads
Amazing and boorish
its Tenderness
negate their clout
its tivaevae-like board
of light thin fibre
An active amour
across harsh winters
The colours loud
Screaming for consideration
and capacity

My mum constantly wore
the coat with Delight

by its climax aftermath
outlining her out
in a Papaa circle
But combined appealing
at each puputuanga

I do commemorate
with adolescent antipathy
abandon my mum’s coat
“not for me”
the abhorrent design
bizarre colours
and a stiff fit
I didn’t want
to be striking
If only I knew then
What I know right

She wears it always
Her jewelry of ego
dazzling and blazing
and not long ago
I tested it
after abounding years
admitting it’s not “really me”
It’s because of mum
I can definitely
sew my own

Hope you enjoy/ understand my poem!