Sunday, 30 April 2017

🎁Current Events (2014 Edition)🏎️

I know what your thinking right? It's weird & odd to be doing Current Events (well, no so current is it?) way back from 2014. I have decided to post some of my old work as a mega throwback! I hope you enjoy!

Back in 2014, a builder had sadly lost entitlement towards his car (A 1965 Ford Galaxie) because he was given a lieu of approximately $14,000 payment for a "work done" for a drug dealer?! He objects that and also did not know about them (Porky R, drug deals) when he was working on Rimene's fire-damaged home in Masterton in late 2010.

Image result for 1965 Ford Galaxie 

🏨📚Our Community (Glen Innes Library)🙏

Image result for glen innes library
In Auckland there are a lot of Libraries and yes, (this is Glen Innes). Auckland Libraries is the public library system for the Auckland Region of New Zealand. In 2010 they created the library system as seven councils (in Auckland) merged, and that formed Auckland Libraries.
Screenshot 2017-04-30 at 7.07.15 PM.png

🏢Our Community (Te Oro)🚗

Image result for te oroOn May 9th 2015, Te Oro< was officially opened. Te Oro is an outstanding architecture and has a meaning for the words “Te Oro”. Te Oro is named after the wind blowing across the open crater of Maungarei / Mt Wellington & “Oro”is generic, but acquires meaning through its association with this specific place and mana whenua.

Te Oro is apart of the Glen Innes/Panmure community and delivers diversity, for learning about other cultures.

🙏Our Community🛰️

The first Pak’nSave was opened in 1985. That Pak’nSave in “held” in Kaitaia. Pak’nSave is discount food warehouse chain owned by the Foodstuffs cooperative. Pak’nSAVE was also apart of being the top 3 major New Zealand Supermarkets! (Between New World & Countdown).
Pak’nSAVE has a ‘local’ stickman which can be seen in Commercials! Paul Ego plays the voice of the Stickman.

Image result for pak n save glen innes

🗨️Speech Rocks💎

Driving Skills should be considered towards teaching them in primary Schools. Casualties are being caused throughout the world, some people aren't familiar with roads or don’t know ‘accurately’ how to drive. One of the ways to reduces all the hazards, is to advise primary students about driving and give them tips and skills about driving. Researchers say “A habit comes from when they are little, and will continue throughout years or life”. So basically, i’m saying Driving Skills allow younger students to catch on, with driving. Learning about driving skills allow children adapt to adult-life and use the driving skills which will make this world safer. I have clearly stated my logics and this should be considered.

➖Maths Problem : Lollies, Lollies, Lollies🍬🍭

The third Math problem called Lollies, Lollies, Lollies 🍬🍭

Thursday, 27 April 2017

☀️The Holiday Life🌊

These are the first holidays for this year (as you may know) & I would like to give you an 'exclusive' towards my holidays! Starting off with wants & gets!

* A real Holiday (Vacation)
* No Babysitting
* Relaxation
* Non Chores holiday
These were my wants for the holidays and below is the gets..
* Heaps of chores
* Babysitting (just a little)
* No relaxation
That's about it. My Term 1 Holiday Life! But their some activities which was amusing and the first one includes Waka Ama, I know, I haven't posted anything like this before! Waka Ama is essentially a Water Sport. As you may have heard of Rowing, Waka Ama is similar to rowing, although their is many differences. Image result for Waka Ama

🗨️Speech Rocks💎

I argue that Glenbrae School shall have a cafeteria in the Hall. A cafeteria will increase the rate of having healthy lunches in school, and a variety of foods in the Cafeteria,which are healthy for children. At school, children aren’t getting all the nutritious and healthy sources of foods that they are supposed to, that is one of my many logics towards having a Cafeteria. A handful of students attending Glenbrae School don’t have lunch or haven't even prepared it, a Cafeteria in the hall is efficient for those students as well as many who forget their lunch. A Cafeteria in the hall can also arrange a relaxation of more students to connect with each other in a different kind of environment (a safe one), as many individuals are apprehensive,shy & circumspect. I have clearly stated my logics and this should be considered.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

➕Maths Problem #3 💬

From the picture above and beside, these images show my complete understanding of the problem and my answer..

💬Maths Word Problems ➗ #1

Tim's Traveling Experience? 

Below is my own working out towards the Math Problem.. If you have a strategy be sure to leave a comment of your understanding. (I am a very odd, wild person when it comes to math, as I enjoy it so much, I can't properly explain). But I sure do hope my explanation is accurate! 

➗Maths (Measurement)➗📏

From my frame of reference, these are the types of measurements you would usually use to determine the correct measurements per item.
(Click to adjust image).

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

🌷Anzac Commemoration🥀

I would like to commemorate those who fought in the wars & defended our countries for freedom. I am basically a mixture of cultures and I try to do some research about my elders and memorialize all those sacrifices they have done. I was going to proceed & start to tell you all about my Great, Great, Great grandfathers but I can't, due to privacy reasons. But please commemorate your elders as they made many so many sacrifices for their countries.

"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We Shall Remember Them.... Lest We Forget"
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Saturday, 22 April 2017

✍️Writing Holiday Homework✍️

Image result for poetryImage result for 3 points

What is poetry? ~ From my perspective, poetry is a very unique form of writing (ish)! Poems/Poetry is used to showcase or express feelings in writing. (Poetry, for me, is like quotes or sayings, but in longer versions). A Poet ( ‘author’ of poems) have exquisite intensity of ideas, emotions etc, and in poems they describe the characteristics of the topic.
Where do you read poems? ~ Home (While relaxing) & at school in school journals or I even search certain poems.
Who are some famous poets? ~ Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare & many more!
Task - Write a poem about the ANZACs

Many years, many fights
Wounds and death
Continues fright
Settle in for your last breath....
Image result for ANZAC GIF
Substances of Red
All over Gallipoli’s field
I hope it stops, just like I said
I soon start to dread!

Sacrifices made, for better or worse
Choices depended on for life or strife.
Dangerous battles, continues the extinction of life
BANG! BOOM! BANG! BOOM! The guns & bombs continue..
So Lest We Forget as each War Hero abandoned/sacrificed their lives to safe the future generations.

Friday, 21 April 2017

🏖️Maths Holiday Homework!➕➗

< This image here, is part of the Holiday Homework slides! As you can see the topic was Basic Facts

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Holiday Homework ~ Slide 6😯❓😂

For Slide 6 of our "Room 7, Holiday Homework" for slide 6. It's named Guess Who & in that slide, we are assigned to provide information about each person (the name & what they are famous for). (Click the image to make it a considerable size).

Monday, 17 April 2017

Delayed Easter Post!🐇

 Image result for Happy Easter GIFImage result for Happy Easter GIF

Image result for Happy Easter GIF 

Well, I didn't quite have time to post an Easter Post, but now i'm doing it!

Happy Easter to you and your family as we celebrate (attend church) our Father’s greatest sacrifice through his Son, Jesus Christ. Have a blessed Easter.  Personally I love Easter. It’s a time for having scavenger and Easter Egg hunts, and in the end (when you win!) you can devour your Easter eggs rapidly or savor them! Well, enough of reading this post & look at some moving images, or continue to 'gobble' those delicious 'melt in mouth' delights!
Image result for Happy Easter GIFImage result for Happy Easter GIF

🗺Where in the World ~ (Slide 3)✈

Here is slides 3's Homework for the Holidays! (Where in the World). I have provided a little bit of information towards each Landmark.. (Click the image to make it a considerable size) 🌏

Sunday, 16 April 2017


Room 7 is assigned to complete these homework tasks! On each slide you may click the image that will lead you to a Document and which also lead you to my work for this holiday.
 Image result for Homework GIF Beside < is a GIF which describes how many people do Homework and this is just a laugh/motivation to actually do your homework! (So your not embarrassed😂)

Friday, 14 April 2017

🌧Cyclone Cook Update🌧

Below there are the following links that will provide you with useful information about Cyclone Cook!
Cyclone Cook Weakens heading South!
Cyclone Cook North
Cyclone Cook
Cyclone Cook escapes Wellington
Theses links provide videos and wordings! *Be reminded, there are some cyclone images which are photo shopped*
Image result for Cyclone Cook
Image Link

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Te Oro: Room 7's Play!

During Glenbrae School's visit to Te Oro, there was school plays! Room 7 had the idea of several characters (roles) and our play had a special message towards our Environment. The idea includes Papatuanuku (myself), Nature Ranger Lusia (Luisa), Trees (Fineasi, Miami, Keleni & Inoke), Cars (George), Builders (Salesi), Tree Removal people (Alfred & George) & the students who throw rubbish (Angelica & Alfred)!

I know there is a lot of Brackets used in the paragraph above, but I promise, no more is needed!

Here is the link to see us perform! Performance.

Image result for Manaiakalani
Image Link

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Presentation : Te oro

I have recently (as in two days ago), created an add on towards information, It was released at Te Oro today! I have collaborated with Lindakiki and Cherise to showcase our learning by creating a Google Presentation and sharing our knowledge with students we are unfamiliar towards. I hope you enjoy our work!

Monday, 10 April 2017

Information for Te Oro

What are some natural causes of a flood?
What are the manmade causes of a flood?
What are the differences of a dirty pond & clean pond?
How can these affect our Planet Earth?

Image result for Flood
Usually a natural cause of floods are, very heavy rainfall (this is the most common). But not only rainfall but a variety of natural causes, majority of the causes are obviously involving water, some are created although it’s dry!
Image result for Flood
Many manmade causes towards a flood includes throwing litter, deforestation and many more others. Throwing litter leads to clogged up drains which also leads towards pipes being blown and a flood occurs. Deforestation doesn't help!  trees prevent sediment runoff and forests hold and use more water than farms or grasslands.
Image result for Flood GIF
In fact, there are many differences involved with dirty and clean ponds. That’s substantial. Let’s get started!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Nikau Chant Peek!

Image result for Blue GIF
Keleni, Maselino & I have collaborated together and created a Nikau House Chant! I have decided to post this for inspiration and maybe just a peek, we still need to decide a chant, enjoy!
Hey you there, I see you over there Rata.. looking really scared Kauri.. we don’t really care kowhai.
Nikau’s gonna win, so you might wanna get outta here, for real!

Add on towards Grace Joel

The credits for creating a short slide goes to Whitney! She has created a Photo Booth using Google Slides which has images of our performances at Grace Joel! Thank you Whitney!

Grace Joel Performance Reflection!

A few days ago, Glenbrae School visited Grace Joel (a retirement/rest home!) & performed!

Glenbrae School arrived on the bus to Grace Joel and there were many phrases including "That's my future house, legit"! After saying those phrases over and over again, we finally came out of the bus filled with eagerness and saw all the sections (apartments) were numbered (we were very confused).

After a while, waiting in our costumes looking fabulous, a person from Grace Joel gave us directions to where we a going to perform. We arrived and saw how luxury Grace Joel is, many students waved a greeted each elderly person by saying "Good Morning" especially one of my great friends Charlie.

(Here is an image of Glenbrae entering Grace Joel, Click the image to make it a considerable size)

Now lets hop into the juicy performances! The first performance was the very intense, passionate and mighty Haka boys. The Haka boys started the performances with a hiss and raw and completed it with a hiss and raw. It was a true pleasure to see the Haka boys perform, although I have seen it before! After the Maori boys finished their item it was a mixture of Maori and Tongan girls and boys singing a waiata. The Maori singing boys and girls were singing beautifully which made me smile to the fullest, It was truly alluring.
It was time for the Tongan performers to hit the stage (not entirely though!) and present their item. The Tongan girls were doing fascinating hand actions which represented something towards their culture and so did the boys. 

After the fascinating performance presented by the Tongan girls & Boys it was time for a slap dance called 'Sasa' which was going to be performed by the Samoan Group (It is a mixture of Boys & Girls). 
 I now understand why a Samoan Sasa is called a slap dance! There was a lot of slaps in the Sasa but looked unbelievable.
Now it was time for my performance, the mighty Cook Island Group (Only involving myself and my best friend, Maara)
Maara did a solo dance to a Hawaiian beat (which was still admirable). I joined in and danced to a Cook Island drum beat, Roi, an associate (Co - Worker) involved with Grace Joel danced with myself and Maara as she is half Cook Island. 

Finally to finish off all the performances, an individual from each group had been 'interviewed' so our audience knew the type of dances and a little background about each dance. That day was an prodigious day!  

Thursday, 6 April 2017

My Inforgraphic

Here is my Inforgraphic I have made to just descirbe some things about myself! I have taught AliJon & Pinomi about creating an Inforgraphic .. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Manaiakalani Ambassador Presentation

Today as the Manaiakalani Ambassador of Glenbrae School, I have presented a piece of work which was my very first presentation as the Ambassador.

Converting Fractions!

Convert these fractions into mixed fractions

  1. 24/4
  1. 16/3
5 ⅓
  1. 19/5
3 ⅘
  1. 25/6
4 ⅙
  1. 7/3
2 ⅓
  1. 8/5
1 ⅗

Convert these fractions into improper fractions
  1. 12 ¾
  1. 9 ⅓
  1. 8 5/7
  1. 7 ½
  1. 9 ¾
  1. 12 ⅘

Explain a strategy for converting mixed fractions into improper fractions
The rule is divide the denominator by the numerator.

Explain a strategy for converting improper fractions into mixed fractions
You have to use your multiplication skills and multiply the numerator or whole number by the ....
Add these fractions
¼ + ½ = ¾

¾ + ¾ = 1 2/4 or 1 ½

⅘ + ⅗ = 1 ⅖

12/4 + 5/4 = 4 ¼

I have learnt how to convert fractions, at first I was unsure but after a few long talks about converting improper & mixed fractions I was good! There are rules towards converting fractions and above you will see!
I hope you enjoy all my work!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

How does a School Operate? (Short Explanation)

How does a School Operate!

Introduction : What is a school, to be precise? - you may be wondering. Well, A school is a type community where children, from many ages attend school and learn. Teachers teach students to help form knowledge and teacher aides/ staff members help to operate the school. How and what is the best way to operate a school - being exact, you’ll need to read closely and identify the best ways.

Paragraph 1 : Children from many ages attend school to learn and take up any knowledge that teachers teach, yes there are teachers. Children now are called students and they learn about different topics, depending on what topics they are given. Students learn by participating in all different ways, but student also need special abilities which they are capable of doing, including listening skills and definitely participation experience. Now, onto teachers. Teachers are a special key to operating a school as they are assigned to teach students about the specific topics if it may be about sustainability or just casual topics.
Image result for School
Paragraph 2 : For a school to operate successfully, you would need staff members (Teacher Aides, Office workers, social workers and volunteers). Staff members are also very important to help schools operate as schools need all the help we can get and especially support. Being supportive  will encourage the students to continuously work hard to the best of their ability. Teacher Aides will help the teachers and students with any work while social workers work in separate offices and sometimes create a programme for students to attend and have fun. Volunteers are different, as similar towards teachers aides, just that volunteers visit school not at occasionally as Teacher Aides.

Paragraph 3 : In a fully functional school, equipment is needed. Especially chromebooks, learning materials and sports equipment. Instead of using a book and pencil for Reading, Writing and Maths, there is a more efficient way by using chromebooks (A digital device for learning). The chromebooks are a great way for students to Create a learning access and share it between the local school areas and as well as global. What other types of equipment is needed, (again, you may be wondering) well, not only do we need chromebooks, sports and reading, writing and reading equipment is needed. Sports equipment is a fun activity for students during interval and lunch.

Kiwi Can Session

Room 7's previous Kiwi Can Session was terrible!

Lots of instinct chatter was slowly rising (while our Kiwi Can tutor, Miss Tuia was explaining instructions) & our listening skills weren't there that day! Mrs Tofa, assigned Room 7 to write an apology letter for Miss Tuia for out behavior. Below is my apology letter!

Dearest Kiwi Can (Miss Tuia),

Firstly I would like to take the courage and continue to apologize for our bad actions during our Week 9 Kiwi Can Session. On my behalf, I would also like to apologize for my bad actions in any way possible, on my classmates. I am dearly sorry for continuing our disrespectful behaviour & we will make sure that we are more respectful. I have quite a few logics onto why Room 7 should be allowed to continue going to  Kiwi Can.

My first logic is because we need Kiwi Can, Kiwi Can is a better alternative than arguing & fighting. Many times fights (actually not really, because of the help that Kiwi Can provides) have occurred in Glenbrae and with the help of Kiwi Can the rates have been going down! Especially in Room 7.

Image result for kiwi canPlease make an exception towards my request and apology. Thank you for your time and consideration!