Thursday, 27 April 2017

☀️The Holiday Life๐ŸŒŠ

These are the first holidays for this year (as you may know) & I would like to give you an 'exclusive' towards my holidays! Starting off with wants & gets!

* A real Holiday (Vacation)
* No Babysitting
* Relaxation
* Non Chores holiday
These were my wants for the holidays and below is the gets..
* Heaps of chores
* Babysitting (just a little)
* No relaxation
That's about it. My Term 1 Holiday Life! But their some activities which was amusing and the first one includes Waka Ama, I know, I haven't posted anything like this before! Waka Ama is essentially a Water Sport. As you may have heard of Rowing, Waka Ama is similar to rowing, although their is many differences. Image result for Waka Ama


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