Saturday, 22 April 2017

✍️Writing Holiday Homework✍️

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What is poetry? ~ From my perspective, poetry is a very unique form of writing (ish)! Poems/Poetry is used to showcase or express feelings in writing. (Poetry, for me, is like quotes or sayings, but in longer versions). A Poet ( ‘author’ of poems) have exquisite intensity of ideas, emotions etc, and in poems they describe the characteristics of the topic.
Where do you read poems? ~ Home (While relaxing) & at school in school journals or I even search certain poems.
Who are some famous poets? ~ Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare & many more!
Task - Write a poem about the ANZACs

Many years, many fights
Wounds and death
Continues fright
Settle in for your last breath....
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Substances of Red
All over Gallipoli’s field
I hope it stops, just like I said
I soon start to dread!

Sacrifices made, for better or worse
Choices depended on for life or strife.
Dangerous battles, continues the extinction of life
BANG! BOOM! BANG! BOOM! The guns & bombs continue..
So Lest We Forget as each War Hero abandoned/sacrificed their lives to safe the future generations.


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