Sunday, 2 April 2017

How does a School Operate? (Short Explanation)

How does a School Operate!

Introduction : What is a school, to be precise? - you may be wondering. Well, A school is a type community where children, from many ages attend school and learn. Teachers teach students to help form knowledge and teacher aides/ staff members help to operate the school. How and what is the best way to operate a school - being exact, you’ll need to read closely and identify the best ways.

Paragraph 1 : Children from many ages attend school to learn and take up any knowledge that teachers teach, yes there are teachers. Children now are called students and they learn about different topics, depending on what topics they are given. Students learn by participating in all different ways, but student also need special abilities which they are capable of doing, including listening skills and definitely participation experience. Now, onto teachers. Teachers are a special key to operating a school as they are assigned to teach students about the specific topics if it may be about sustainability or just casual topics.
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Paragraph 2 : For a school to operate successfully, you would need staff members (Teacher Aides, Office workers, social workers and volunteers). Staff members are also very important to help schools operate as schools need all the help we can get and especially support. Being supportive  will encourage the students to continuously work hard to the best of their ability. Teacher Aides will help the teachers and students with any work while social workers work in separate offices and sometimes create a programme for students to attend and have fun. Volunteers are different, as similar towards teachers aides, just that volunteers visit school not at occasionally as Teacher Aides.

Paragraph 3 : In a fully functional school, equipment is needed. Especially chromebooks, learning materials and sports equipment. Instead of using a book and pencil for Reading, Writing and Maths, there is a more efficient way by using chromebooks (A digital device for learning). The chromebooks are a great way for students to Create a learning access and share it between the local school areas and as well as global. What other types of equipment is needed, (again, you may be wondering) well, not only do we need chromebooks, sports and reading, writing and reading equipment is needed. Sports equipment is a fun activity for students during interval and lunch.


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