Thursday, 13 April 2017

Te Oro: Room 7's Play!

During Glenbrae School's visit to Te Oro, there was school plays! Room 7 had the idea of several characters (roles) and our play had a special message towards our Environment. The idea includes Papatuanuku (myself), Nature Ranger Lusia (Luisa), Trees (Fineasi, Miami, Keleni & Inoke), Cars (George), Builders (Salesi), Tree Removal people (Alfred & George) & the students who throw rubbish (Angelica & Alfred)!

I know there is a lot of Brackets used in the paragraph above, but I promise, no more is needed!

Here is the link to see us perform! Performance.

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Mrs Tofa said...

Was quite a lot of fun preparing that play. Great way for our class to have a bit of fun and laughter. Good stage performance on your part too Miss Papatuanuku. Job well done to all of you even the trees who were giggling while they were meant to be still.

Aaliyahna M said...

Hi Mrs, Tofa!
Yes, that's so true! I had the 'exclusive' of the trees giggling. Thank you, but I do think I rushed my wordings.

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