Thursday, 19 October 2017

Reading Preview

Today for our reading activities Cherise, Luisa and I created a Animated Film and Quiz that provides information about being Sunsmart.

Here is an image of our Powtoon in current progress!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Napier Holiday Recount!

Napier Holiday Recount.

I was settled at Napier after a long ride through Auckland last week! I was there for a few reasons, well actually one for Waka Ama. My Dad, Mum and sister all went, in a compressed car full of gear needed for our week.

My family and I arrived in Napier, weary and exhausted and prepared to sleep, but unfortunately and fortunately we went to support three of my Waka group members, Nu’u, Victoria and Danni for their singles races at Perfume Point/Napier Sailing Club! We were a tad late and didn’t get to see them commence the race but we did get to see the finishing, which was definitely astounding, I rapidly pulled out my phone like a cheetah and snipped a few images of Nu’u, Danni and Victoria coming in and finishing off their race.

As soon as I had finished taking photos, I set off to the front of the Napier Sailing Club to help bring up the wakas onto a trailer and also congratulate the girls on their race. I ran quite gradual, as I was extremely tired but I did end up finding Nu’u and talking to her about her race, “The race was tiring, but fun and I came 15th place”, she replied in a sluggish tone.
I was so relieved and excited to hear she had come 15th place out of 89 paddlers. She too was extremely tired from her race, so Nu’u and I walked to her hotel happily-ish!

Approximately 30 minutes into our walk, we arrived at her hotel, Bluewater Hotel and went to her room, place 21. As we arrived, we both saw other girls apart of our team and asked them to come with us, Mikayla, Serenity, Trenneyce, and Victoria followed as we dashed upstairs and into the room. She quickly changed and I relaxed with her mother, Serenity and Mikayla’s mother too. We whipped up some eggs and toast for a quick breakfast and jammed out to some ‘oldies but goldies’ music! Nu’u had finished changing and we set back to Perfume Point to see the other paddles and show some courtesy to them.  

After a while sitting in the sun, wanting to have a tan, I set off to go back to the hotel, leaving some of the other girls,  with Victoria's mother and a few other children, including Maia, Sanni, Nelsen and my personal favorite Trenneyce. Again, reaching our destination at the hotel, I packed some snacks because I was in one of those ‘just in case’ moods and began to eat, just cause!

A few hours into the relaxation and eat session at the hotel, it was time to get ready for dinner, held at the Gintrap. We walked to the Gintrap since the hotel wasn’t as far and kindly demanded seats for 32. The restaurant Gintrap, decreased the size of our menu since we had a lot of people, but the menu was still large. Majority of our waka group “Team Pure” turned up to celebrate our coach’s birthday but as soon as our coach came to the restaurant, we ordered our drinks and food. I and Nu’u, Victoria, Aarmione, Mikayla, and Serenity, each took a glance at the menus and all ordered the same meals, which was lemonade and chicken caesar salad with bacon bits and croutons! We all waited patiently for our meals and talked about our life, goals, and everything a normal group of thirteen years old’s would talk about! Several laughs, chuckles, jokes and slurps of our lemonade later, our chicken caesar salad had arrived looking, fresh, appetizing and exquisite which I loved especially the taste. It tasted like a normal lettuce salad with hints of crunch and precisely cut chicken pieces combined together, it was pleasing and the best.

Devouring our meals I then decided to go outside and freshen up while we also let the adults talk! Stepping outside, smelling the breeze of Napier was good but we did take it up a notch and take some memorable photos. To finish off our night we finished our photos, had a little play, be weird and chuckle at embarrassing things and then finally went back inside to get ready to go into our hotels. Everyone each paid for their meals and drinks said their goodbye’s and went to their hotels to sleep.

Overall my day was weary, lively-ish and fulfilling, I enjoyed my first day in Napier. I can’t wait for Sprint Nationals in Cambridge.
(Starting from left - Aarmione, Aaliyahna, Victoria, Nu'u, Mikayla and Serenity)

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Career Learning! - Forensic Scientist Speech!

Olá, meu nome é Aaliyahna and my future career is a Forensic Scientist, well I hope so! A forensic scientist requires specific knowledge and skills to assist or help investigate a crime. The qualifications of becoming a forensic scientist is to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in natural science and a forensic science major typically includes those basic sciences.

The pay for the job is depending on what they do
  • Forensic scientists assisting crime investigations usually earn - 50k - 90k per year
  • Forensic scientists doing research usually earn - 55k - 130k per year!

The chances of job as a forensic scientist is quite poor as the occupation is small and competition for this specific job is strong, in New Zealand

Another job I would like to be involved in is with Interpol, helping solve crimes, but not as exposed as a forensic scientist!
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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Niva Retimanu Duffy Assembly!

During our Duffy Role Model assembly our hosts were Luisa, Loto, myself, Mrs Raj and the role model, Niva Retimanu!

Loto and I had the opportunity to introduce Niva Retimanu to Glenbrae School and tell the school a little bit of information about Niva! We started by saying her name and what achievements she had achieved! I learnt that she grew up in Invercargill, a very cold city in New Zealand, with her samoan parents! Each day the weather was bad, she would go to the library and read with her brother! She has being in the radio news station works for 30 years and counting, and that makes her a definite role model.

Luisa also had the opportunity to introduce Niva and ask her to present the Duffy books to each class and then to sing the Duffy song! One student from each class came to collect their book and sat down, waiting for the duffy song to play! We all sang the Duffy Song in a beautiful tune and continued to smile happily! Niva repeatedly gave us reasons why it's good to read and also told the school about her motto, “it’s good to read, it’s good to achieve”!

Before leaving, she read a book that could be inspirational towards our students! Finally, she was thanked by Luisa for taking her time and teaching our students about the benefits of  reading!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Camp Photos!

Here is a short snippet of images that occurred at camp and some of the activities we did!

Model Credits - Year 7 & 8 Students from Glenbrae School and teachers/teacher aides
Song Credits - (Glenn Travis - Feel My Love)
Slideshow Credits - Animoto (Trial)!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Pompallier Mission Visit

Pompallier Mission Visit

On Wednesday 23 August 2017, the year 7 and 8’s of Glenbrae School set off to Pompallier Mission to learn more about this historical place as part of the Glenbrae School Camp!

We arrived at the Pompallier House and first saw the entrance, which looked quite vintage with restoration from a length of distance. The groups walked in ease and slight tiredness towards the inside of the house, which was the printer room. In that room lays the printer that was originally made by the resident, Bishop Pompallier and his French allies. In the printer room, the printer is there as well as a donation that was given by French missionaries, the Mary and Baby Jesus statue. I was given the opportunity to actually use one of the objects that Bishop Pompallier and his allies used, which was a concrete/sand mixer that was used to help the complete majority of the walls for the house!

From what I could see the printer requires led and I was told that led in the olden days was very valuable and used to create stink bombs! Obviously, that means Bishop had to have a hidden compartment for the led or some place to hide this precious item, well there was actually a hidden compartment or should I say open wall and from the looks of it, led was probably the hardest object they would've had to hide. The printer room is very fragile and delicate so we weren't allowed to touch anything or objects unless we were instructed to.

We moved on from the printer and went to the tannery, which is where the leather parts were made. We walked around the building until we all paused and smelt that rancid smell. I walked directly towards the smell following our tour guide in a disgusted awe and saw many sheepskins and some racks with brown leather and also a mysterious barrel! Our tour guide told our groups some information about a tannery and what the process consists of. In a tannery, sheepskin is made into leather by soaking the skin, after it has been cleaned and all the fat is removed, in urine, yes urine, for a few weeks then pulled out and placed into a bark and water mixture. I was so surprised when I saw some sheepskins in the actual barrel and in the bark and water mixture. My group and I moved onto the next open box that had some skin that was ready to come out and dry up, to be moved in the Gym known as the Leather Working Room.

I continued to waltz (not literally) and entered the “gym” which was the Leather Room! Our tour guide mentored the students around the room and showed us the different types of materials or tools they used to re-size the leather and design it into their desired size. I touched and lifted one of the objects that were there and noticed a little bit of burden, but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my desires, which was to stroke the leather with the wooden leather press block.

Our second to last stop was the book making room, which was an average travel, up to a long line of stairs! When we arrived I looked around the room and saw a lot of paper, which did look very vintage and also a machine that looked very antique but in good condition. Our tour guide told our students how the olden day people created book. I for example, well the majority of us, had the amazing opportunity to touch the books that were made and also look at the process. I learned some facts about those books, for example, all books that were made were all in the Maori Language. We all moved on and continued to learn about the books!

The last and final stop of the day was the adventure room, which was another learning room, but it was amusing! The room had a similar and more vintage look to an arcade look and had flashlights or things from the past that was used inside the box followed by a small information card that provided a little background story!

Overall that day was amazing and amusing! I learned a lot and definitely would want to go back to the Pompallier Mission House!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Maths - Miss Elia :)

Auckland Distances

  1. Warkworth - 57.8 km
  2. Whangarei - 157.9 km  
  3. Paihia - 227.3 km
  4. Russell - 232.1 km

If the bus travels at an average of 60km ph, how long would it take to get to each place from Auckland?

  1. Warkworth - 57.8 = 57 minutes and 8 seconds
  2. Whangarei - 2hrs 37 minutes and 9 seconds
  3. Paihia -  227.3 km 3hrs 47 minutes and 3 seconds
  4. Russell -  232.1 km 3hrs 52 minutes and 1 second

Put these in order smallest to biggest.

  1. 5.1, 1.5,  0.5, 5.05
  2. 1.25, 1.09, 1.099, 2.01
  3. ¾ , 0.72 , ½ , 0.45
  4. Write these fractions as decimals 1/10, 5/10, 6/10, 9/100, 45/100.
  5. Write these as fractions, 0.2, 0.25, 0.5, 0.9, 0.09

  1. 0.5, 1.5, 5.05, 5.1
  2. 1.09, 1.099, 1.25, 2.01
  3. 0.45, ½  0.72, ¾
  4. 0.1, 0.5, 0.6, 0.09, 0.45
  5. ⅕  , ¼  , ½ , 9/10, 9/100

Miss Elia gave room 7 some exceptional maths questions that we were assigned to complete! Sorry for the miss of blogs, but stay tuned for some Camp Blogs :)!

Friday, 18 August 2017

Camp Quotes :)

Since I have two sleeps until my school CAMP, I have some camo quotes and GIF's to show you for amusement and for fun! Enjoy :))
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