Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Story Review

Story Review

Title - The Hunger Games
Author - Suzanne Collins

I enjoyed this book & I am going to be sharing a little bit about this book. Enjoy :)

The story is about a place in North America called Panem. Neighboring Panem is 13 districts. The Capitol - the ones who own the 13 districts force the people of each district to send one female and one male 12-18 year old as a tribute to fight to the death in the Hunger Games. This happens every year, but District 13 was blown to bits because they were the face of the rebellion against the capitol before the Hunger Games was well-established. A young lady named Katniss Everdeen volunteered for her sister Primrose Everdeen when her name was called for her to go to the Hunger Games along with a young man named Peeta Mellark. What Katniss doesn’t know was that Peeta likes her, and he declares his love for her. Unfortunately, they were on death’s doorstep more than once during the games. When they win the games, the President of the Capitol, President Snow thinks that a rebellion may be starting.

Review On Yesterday! SORRY.

Hello Guys!
I'm sorry about Yesterday! 
I was actually very busy taking care & having fun with my little cousin, I am just doing an update because of yesterday, I will post some pictures on my homework!!
I might even talk about some old movies I watched!!. (2013-2015)

Hope you enjoy today's little post.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Just A link

Hello! Guys I'm backing sharing a few sites!. Hope you enjoy it!.

Reading site:
Create Quizzes:

I will give another couple of sites!

*(All you have to do is Ctrl+ C & Ctrl + V)*

Another something

Today I'm going to say some stuff about me because I'm pretty lonely.

1. When I was in Rarotonga I saw a spider and named it Grace
2. I was 2-3 & was about to eat mud
3. I got a empty picture frame & I used it for a mirror
4. I was 1 & saw a little piece of cheese and saw a mouse, (It looked like the mouse was hungry), so I feed it.
5.  A few years ago I'd always pretend I'm talking to someone on the phone
6.  Every time I see pictures of me from I was 1-6 I'd try to remember.
7. I was 1 & I was about to eat an animal. (Cockroach) Lucky, I didn't.
8. I always thought I was cool raking leaves and jumping into it.
9. I was at Cape Reinga & used to stuff my food in my mouth because I thought people were going to eat it.
10. One day (2011- 2015) I always like to play with my little cousins until we did something...
The rest with be in my next one. Maybe tomorrow.

Quick little something (HOMEWORK)

Well hello everyone, today I'm doing this word thing.I am going to get words that my teacher has given & put the meaning of it!.*(There is 10 words)*

1) A substance, body or device that conducts heat, electricity, sound
2) This word defines electricity.
3) Something that flows through/as a stream
4) Experiment means to test or trial something out.
5) It means to push something out of the way, for eg: You have a 10 pound bowling ball and your putting it into a bucket the water is moving out of the way so the ball can go down.
6) It's a process by the 3 things, that has dispersed in.. *(Gas, Liquid & Solid)*
7) Matter or the quantity of matter.
8) An action or instance transpiring.
9) Floatation means trying to float on water or something.
10) Hypothesis means the guess/ predict what is going to happen. *(Great Science word)*

Well thank you!

Duffy Assembly ROLE MODEL: Myron Simpson

Today, Thursday (10-09-15) Glenbrae School walked down to their hall to have their Duffy Assembly.
He told us a lot about him and and even let us try on his items he had brought us(THE SCHOOL). There was a lot of people that have got their books presented to them. Myron Simpson then asked us if we had any questions.. There was a lot of questions and that was amazing.

Myron Simpson is a silver medallist for tracked cycling. He won his medal in Mexico in 2007and he also won it for his country, New Zealand. He said that he started riding a bike when he was 3 yrs and started being in a competition when he was 8yrs old.  He is 25 years old and he is a great bike rider. Here is a link so you can read more about this amazing bike rider.


Holiday: 2

Holiday Blog Post 2.

Well, right now it's just the middle of the day & I am just doing a little blog post to say/talk about what I'm doing now. Right now I am just chilling, watching TV & doing so Quizzes to gain more knowledge.
*(You can just comment below and I will reply with some links to the sites!!)*


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Holiday: 1

So, I started off my holiday ok. My family & I have done some cleaning, well I'm someone had suggested to clean so we went ahead & did that.
During that, I walked down-stairs to find a few drinks with ice in it & an umbrella. I picked up the drink & I (*Walking dramatic*) realised that I should have brought the umbrella with me, it was burning hot, outside.
While cleaning my house up I remembered that I had to get everything sorted & I mean, I have to buy a lot of stuff for my sisters camp & that will be in my up coming posts!.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog for today.!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cindy in Da House

Today, (Monday 21 September 2015), I have supported Pt England school by going and regarding them. Pt England have named their play/musical Cindy in Da house, and I knew that it was going to be fun. The musical has started & witnessed a really good scene, it was when a girl came out and started raping, it was unbelievable. I was sure to be appreciative when I saw this full marvellous play. During the middle of the scene, I had a moment & it was telling/encouraging me to continue doing work & also to make a play just like that.

Meanwhile, the play had Cindy &, Cindy was just like the story Cinderella.  Cindy went to a ball named : Prefects’ Ball, Cindy dressed wonderful & while she came to the dance floor there was a boy. A Boy named Josh saw her and believed she was the one, but suddenly, a bell constantly started ringing. Cindy ran off the stage & knew she had to go, but she had forgot something, one of her slippers. Josh wondered, where she had gone but she was nowhere to be seen. Well eventually, Josh had found his true love (Cindy) & that was cool.

As a friend-ship way, Josh & Cindy had got the slippers that had fell off,& used them to make a friend-ship last.

In my own opinion I think that, the play/scene was amazing & I would like to see on just like that again.