Friday, 27 February 2015

Whanau and Family time test story.

Family time.

On September 17th 2009 (5-6 years ago) it was my birthday and also my mum and dad were going to get married. We were in the Cook Islands, it was me and some of my family members. We were going to have the wedding and the birthday at a beach.

Firstly I woke up hearing a loud car/truck passing by and the wind in my ears.
Suddenly I smelt a very nice smell, I hoped out of my bed,like a kangaroo. I saw what my mum had made and it was incredible, it was cut up fruit with some French toast.  Nextly I ate the food quickly  and then off to wake my Dad and sister. I walked to me sister and dads room to wake them up, the next thing I knew that they were awake. They said HAPPY BIRTHDAY , and gave me a lot of hugs and kisses. Next a car/truck came up to our house and I was wondering who that was, but when she came into our house she was the make-up lady.
After that Trish (Our wedding planner) came too.

There before the make-up lady did my mum’s make-up and then me, my sister and finally my dad.  

This is Part 1.