Monday, 10 April 2017

Information for Te Oro

What are some natural causes of a flood?
What are the manmade causes of a flood?
What are the differences of a dirty pond & clean pond?
How can these affect our Planet Earth?

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Usually a natural cause of floods are, very heavy rainfall (this is the most common). But not only rainfall but a variety of natural causes, majority of the causes are obviously involving water, some are created although it’s dry!
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Many manmade causes towards a flood includes throwing litter, deforestation and many more others. Throwing litter leads to clogged up drains which also leads towards pipes being blown and a flood occurs. Deforestation doesn't help!  trees prevent sediment runoff and forests hold and use more water than farms or grasslands.
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In fact, there are many differences involved with dirty and clean ponds. That’s substantial. Let’s get started!


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