Sunday, 9 April 2017

Grace Joel Performance Reflection!

A few days ago, Glenbrae School visited Grace Joel (a retirement/rest home!) & performed!

Glenbrae School arrived on the bus to Grace Joel and there were many phrases including "That's my future house, legit"! After saying those phrases over and over again, we finally came out of the bus filled with eagerness and saw all the sections (apartments) were numbered (we were very confused).

After a while, waiting in our costumes looking fabulous, a person from Grace Joel gave us directions to where we a going to perform. We arrived and saw how luxury Grace Joel is, many students waved a greeted each elderly person by saying "Good Morning" especially one of my great friends Charlie.

(Here is an image of Glenbrae entering Grace Joel, Click the image to make it a considerable size)

Now lets hop into the juicy performances! The first performance was the very intense, passionate and mighty Haka boys. The Haka boys started the performances with a hiss and raw and completed it with a hiss and raw. It was a true pleasure to see the Haka boys perform, although I have seen it before! After the Maori boys finished their item it was a mixture of Maori and Tongan girls and boys singing a waiata. The Maori singing boys and girls were singing beautifully which made me smile to the fullest, It was truly alluring.
It was time for the Tongan performers to hit the stage (not entirely though!) and present their item. The Tongan girls were doing fascinating hand actions which represented something towards their culture and so did the boys. 

After the fascinating performance presented by the Tongan girls & Boys it was time for a slap dance called 'Sasa' which was going to be performed by the Samoan Group (It is a mixture of Boys & Girls). 
 I now understand why a Samoan Sasa is called a slap dance! There was a lot of slaps in the Sasa but looked unbelievable.
Now it was time for my performance, the mighty Cook Island Group (Only involving myself and my best friend, Maara)
Maara did a solo dance to a Hawaiian beat (which was still admirable). I joined in and danced to a Cook Island drum beat, Roi, an associate (Co - Worker) involved with Grace Joel danced with myself and Maara as she is half Cook Island. 

Finally to finish off all the performances, an individual from each group had been 'interviewed' so our audience knew the type of dances and a little background about each dance. That day was an prodigious day!  


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