Friday, 14 April 2017

🌧Cyclone Cook Update🌧

Below there are the following links that will provide you with useful information about Cyclone Cook!
Cyclone Cook Weakens heading South!
Cyclone Cook North
Cyclone Cook
Cyclone Cook escapes Wellington
Theses links provide videos and wordings! *Be reminded, there are some cyclone images which are photo shopped*
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DJB said...

Kia Ora
I do like the way you have shared this on the first day of your holiday!
I travelled to Coromandel and found it to be sunny and warm with little sign of the storm that had passed through. The surf is thundering in my ears as I type this so it must have been pretty fierce here.

Mrs Burt

Mrs Tofa said...

Hi Aaliyahna

I have to admit I too was very worried on Thursday because it was such a rainy and windy day. However, I woke up on Friday to a lovely morning. I have to admit I did make a stop at Pak n Save and bought some things I thought we would need in preparation for a cyclone. Its something we always did growing up in Samoa. I am very pleased with the many updates and warning which were sent out to us all. Better to be prepared isn't it?

Aaliyahna M said...

Hi Mrs Burt & Mrs Tofa!
Visiting Coromandel seems like quite a destination, from the images iv'e seen and from what you have explained it looks rough but amazing!
I was very worried about the Cyclone but from you have said, majority of us were scared. Yes, that's true, it is better to be prepared.

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