Friday, 13 June 2014

Information Report

I had to write about a sea creature and mine was a Cushion Sea Star.

The Cushion Star.    

The cushion star is from the Oreasteridae.
A Cushion sea star’s Common name is Cushion sea star and slime stars.
They have a scientific name and it is Pteraster Tesselatus. Their size is up to 25 cm which is 10 inches in a diameter.Their colour is olive green and it goes to pale orange.
These sea stars can be found in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, ranging from upper- Canada to central America. But they mostly like being around rocky pools and the rocky shore.Cushion stars eats diatoms and algae.They have predators too.  The Sea stars predators is other sea creatures.  The predators come near their Habitats. The predators can be Manta Rays and all kinds of Sharks. They are a threat to the cushion star.
A Cushion star can not do anything but, did you know that a Cushion sea star can grow up 10 centimetres in a Diameter.

Here is some Pictures


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