Monday, 18 May 2015

Keeping ourselves healthy and strong during winter

WALT- How to keep healthy.
Keeping ourselves  healthy and strong during winter.  

18 May 2015 , Monday.

  • Keep your fingernails clean and short by trimming and cleaning them.
  • Have a shower every single day.
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  • Comb your hair everyday to make sure you don't have lice.
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  • Have a healthy lunch.
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  • Wash your hands before you do anything.
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  • Cover your mouth if you are going to sneeze.
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  • Be warm during winter by wearing nice and warm clothes.
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  • Get your parents to check your hair if you have head lice.
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  • Have a shower every day to get all the germs off your body.
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  • Brush your teeth and make sure you floss and mouthwash.
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  • Exercise daily.
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Maara said...

Hi aaliyahna,
What a good idea,we should all do that.

cherise said...

Hi Aaliyahna
I like your post
good on you keep up the good work

Angelica Fakahau said...

Great work Aaliyahna:) Like your graphics and your
sentence that matches your picture:)

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