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How to make French Toast🍞πŸ₯šπŸ₯›πŸŒΆ️!

How to make French Toast

French Toast is a English delicacy, it is prepared commonly for breakfast! The preparation for French Toast is made with, Bread, Milk, Eggs and a heat source, bread is dipped into milk, swiftly finalized by adding eggs and further to be cooked on a sizzling, buttery and hot surface.

Ingredients :
Utensils :
A Loaf of Bread
Fork/Wooden Spoon
A dozen eggs, not a baker's dozen, to assure you!
Bowl to mix
Salt and Pepper or Cinnamon/Maple Syrup! to taste
Electric Heat Source/Pan
Approximately ½ a cup or less of milk (optional)
Paper towels to serve!
1 - 2 tbsp of Oil
Spatula (optional)

Method :

Take a large bowl and delicately split the eggs and place them into the bowl, next use a fork to swiftly beat the eggs until it becomes a full orange mixture!

Next, add your milk and stir again! When you have fully incorporated your milk, add some additional salt and pepper for taste.

Open your loaf of bread and take a slice out, and place it into the egg mixture. Once done, turn over and coat the second side of bread.

Preheat your heat source and add your oil!
Using your fork, place the bread onto the pan and let the bread sizzle and heat away for at least 2 - 3 minutes.

Once done, flip your bread onto the other side and wait for the bread to caramelize brown.
Check your bread to see if it has caramelized brown and if it has, take a singular or more paper towel to use as a plate, and take it off the pan.

Add some additional salt and pepper/Maple Syrup/Cinnamon/Berries for more taste and enjoy your England delicacy!

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