Thursday, 28 September 2017

Career Learning! - Forensic Scientist Speech!

OlΓ‘, meu nome Γ© Aaliyahna and my future career is a Forensic Scientist, well I hope so! A forensic scientist requires specific knowledge and skills to assist or help investigate a crime. The qualifications of becoming a forensic scientist is to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in natural science and a forensic science major typically includes those basic sciences.

The pay for the job is depending on what they do
  • Forensic scientists assisting crime investigations usually earn - 50k - 90k per year
  • Forensic scientists doing research usually earn - 55k - 130k per year!

The chances of job as a forensic scientist is quite poor as the occupation is small and competition for this specific job is strong, in New Zealand

Another job I would like to be involved in is with Interpol, helping solve crimes, but not as exposed as a forensic scientist!
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