Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Niva Retimanu Duffy Assembly!

During our Duffy Role Model assembly our hosts were Luisa, Loto, myself, Mrs Raj and the role model, Niva Retimanu!

Loto and I had the opportunity to introduce Niva Retimanu to Glenbrae School and tell the school a little bit of information about Niva! We started by saying her name and what achievements she had achieved! I learnt that she grew up in Invercargill, a very cold city in New Zealand, with her samoan parents! Each day the weather was bad, she would go to the library and read with her brother! She has being in the radio news station works for 30 years and counting, and that makes her a definite role model.

Luisa also had the opportunity to introduce Niva and ask her to present the Duffy books to each class and then to sing the Duffy song! One student from each class came to collect their book and sat down, waiting for the duffy song to play! We all sang the Duffy Song in a beautiful tune and continued to smile happily! Niva repeatedly gave us reasons why it's good to read and also told the school about her motto, “it’s good to read, it’s good to achieve”!

Before leaving, she read a book that could be inspirational towards our students! Finally, she was thanked by Luisa for taking her time and teaching our students about the benefits of  reading!


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