Monday, 29 December 2014

About half my day.

Today is a beautiful day, I am with my family just doing a board game and its called " The Game of Life" and it is a very nice game.

 We've played it a few times, I've won once and my sister won twice. 

I think its called " The game of Life" because at the start it has a choice of career and college career, you have to choose one and then you have to pick up two cards  ( there is four different kinds of cards like, House, Action, Career and College career cards) from the college or career cards and choose one of the cards and it will have your celery on it and have to spin the wheel and then you would have a number from one to ten, you move to what space its on ( the wheel ) you also have a peg in your car and also a token.

 There is a lot of stops on the board like graduation and get married, babys, I you want to the to night school and a few others. It is a very nice game  to play. 


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