Friday, 5 December 2014

Action Story

Monday 17 November

My Action Story.

A few days ago, there is a  group of boys, they loved to fight a lot. They fought  because they always wanted to become  superheroes  so they would get trained, but not for a long time, they would train for 10 minutes.  Every day, they would fight just to redeem their confidence of becoming what they truly are. Their names were Alex , James, Jackson and also Michael.

One day Alex saw someone who just sped to help a person who nearly got shot. Alex was wondering where Michael was at that time. Once all of the boys were sitting down doing their daily  job. They worked in a security house ( It was very big and it was very quiet in the room), just to make sure that there was nothing going on in wrong places.  They let Michael have a lunch break. As he was having a lunch break Michael sped in front of the security cameras and never noticed his team mates was watching him.

They told Michael what they saw on the security cameras. Michael pleaded to his friends to destroy the tape or it will destroy his life. Alex , Jackson and James thought about what it will feel like if they were the ones in pressure. They all decided to keep the secret but on one condition, he had to give them all powers so they can help save the people in danger just like Michael.
He said “You have to train so you're ready to become like me and you need to get ready for anything”.

One day they were training and they saw that there was a huge army of zombies that were hunting people down and taking them as a hostage, they were taking them in a huge house. When the group saw that on the cameras, they stopped what they were doing and then got ready to go. When Michael saw the cameras to, he said to them that they are not ready to go the save the hostages.  

They said “ But Michael we can help you”, then Michael said “ Ok you can help me but you have to be very careful ”.

While Michael was talking the group all turned to become the best…. ( I mean by they got powers).

They have all the powers. They they went to the car and then they remembered that they have powers, they said we should fly, they flew and then they were looking for the zombies and the people that were missing. They could not find it, but then they saw a few zombies that were guarding a big huge house. They flew down and then they saw that there was more and more zombies coming out. When they flew down they used their powers to move the zombies and try to get the hostages out, but they could not find any hostages.

Michael used his new power that he unlocked. It was that he could lift anyone up. He lifted up all the zombies while he did it there was still some down in the house. Then the whole group tried it and they all came up except one. Then another person like Michael named Amy came to help she has know how to lift the master of the zombies. She said you would need, five people that has powers, then they all lifted up all the zombies. After that they got all of the people that were taken by the zombies.

While they got rid of all the zombies, (which they put them under ground). Then there was some people that saw what they were doing so the people that were below the team was saying that they are heros and they clapped. The people didn’t think anything bad of them even though they are mutants.

The next day, after all the zombie things were cleaned, the people who were clapping the day before called the government so they could get rewards for what they did. They all knew the found what they truly are. The people who got taken thanked the superheros.
Alex, Michael,Amy,James and Jackson saved the day.!
The End.
Watch out for my writing number two!. (Part 2).


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