Friday, 5 December 2014

Settings about School

This is a school setting post. Our class had to do this for our writing.

At school you can see students, teachers, and classrooms and also playgrounds. There is a lot of cars when you come out of the gate. Some classrooms has papers on the doors saying greetings. The students has uniform on and there is some schools that wear any kind of uniforms.

You can hear laughing, crying and you can hear some people angry. Some people can hear the cars at the end of the day.  Your can hear a lot of people that are shouting, because some people getting in trouble. You also hear the students playing happily in the playground.

Some people when the go to school they feel scared when they are new. Some people that are bullies, bully new people. The person that is new feels scared and sad. The bullies, bully the new people for fun, to get their attention and also to get more friends.

There is a lot of people there  like the parents of the students. There is teachers, teacher aides and there is office people, there is a nurse person that helps a person that has fallen down or hurt. The nurse person does not wear any nurse clothes though.

There is a lot of things happening like people get angry because of some one. In class (sometimes) there is fights in class and also there is some bad behaviour in the class. There is also people that caring for others too.  


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