Thursday, 1 June 2017

πŸ—’️Descriptive Narrative Writing ~ Introduction✍️πŸ““

The Concluding Phase - Uncover the Farm!

Maiya, an ordinary wealthy girl, goes on a slight adventure. She can’t adapt to living or even standing around  farms, normal houses or even stand one second on the street waiting for a Cab.  She would argue her way into getting everything she wants, but this time it’s over. Her mother is going to strictly tell her, she's going to live and visit the farm, repeatedly, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. On the Farm she will meet an annoying (slightly), ambitious and valuable class.  She moves to the farm, sees that class, experiences everything with the class, as well as meeting a boy, a boy named Tobias. Tobias is the instructor for her to adapt and get used to being on a Farm.
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