Friday, 9 June 2017

Farewell Miss Ogram 😭😭😒

Miss Ogram, It’s my pleasure to thank you for you amazing time in our class, you’ve made a good impact on this class, as well as, being an impeccable role model and terrific teacher to Room 7. I appreciate all that you have done in our class & I wish you all the best in your later life.  We enjoyed all your helpful tips and everything that you have suggested. Thank you for all the support throughout your 5 Weeks here, although the boys (and maybe girls) were quite bad-mannered. Thank you also for helping me develop more learning skills that would help my learning areas. I/Room 7 really appreciated all that you did for us, including, taking your time out to create some learning activities, teach us new & improved fitness games and care for us in general.

We will definitely keep in touch with you throughout your time in University! For your future time in Teaching, I would like to clarify this.. "You have potential, and you are an astonishing teacher". It would be good to see you later in the future, like GraduationπŸŽ“ or Prize GivingπŸ…! But, Overall, I will miss you & you will forever be in our hearts. Much love! πŸŽ‰!


Miss Ogram said...

What a beautifully written farewell, thanks so much Aaliyahna! It was a pleasure to spend time teaching you all!

Aaliyahna M said...

Thank you Miss Ogram, well I miss you heaps in our class & we enjoy your little container of Mind Bogglers! I hope everything is well with your assignments and everything!

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