Tuesday, 6 June 2017

๐Ÿ“Narrative Plan ~ The Concluding Phase - Uncover the Farm๐Ÿ“✏️

First sequence your ideas:

Needs to grab readers attention and give an idea of what the story is about.
The Concluding Phase - Uncover the Farm!

Maiya, an ordinary wealthy girl, goes on a slight adventure. She can’t adapt to living or even standing around  farms, normal houses or even stand one second on the street waiting for a Cab.  She would argue her way into getting everything she wants, but this time it’s over. Her mother is going to strictly tell her, she's going to live and visit the farm, repeatedly, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. On the Farm she will meet an annoying (slightly), ambitious and valuable class.  She moves to the farm, sees that class, experiences everything with the class, as well as meeting a boy, a boy named Tobias. Tobias is the instructor for her to modify and get used to being on a Farm.
How will your story start?
Where? When? Who?
My Descriptive Narrative will take place in Maiya’s Mansion, held in North Carolina, America.  She will start arguing with her mother, and begging on the polished, silver, marble tile flooring not to go farm visiting. The mother (Meredith) is now living on her own in the polished, elegant Mansion. Maiya, moves to the farm meeting the class who is annoying (slightly), ambitious and valuable, they will help her adapt to living in a farm. The class would demonstrate how to do the things farmers usually do, including using a shovel to pick up, problematic, rancid poop!
Beginning Event:
What events are going to take place?

What problem are your characters going to face?
The very first event takes place in mansion, as mentioned above. After the conversation turns wild, the mansion has now disappeared from Maiya’s life (fictionally). The main character (Maiya) is going to face some very cursed and baffling problems, which might be turning into a conflict. She will lose contact with Meredith (her mother) and has turned unwealthy. She will be living/visiting the farm, which she despise/notwithstanding, no matter what!
How will your characters solve the problem?
The solution to the problem is all the help Maiya gets. She will get back into contact with her mother, by the help of the class. The only other problem that she has to face is the farm! She won’t be able to move back, due to the “controversy” that Meredith & Maiya suffered (then made up) but Meredith made a contract with high security dealers to make sure she would stay there and try to have a good time, as well as, get used to it! Some problems/conflicts can be solved the way you would like!
How will the story finish?

Where will the characters end up?

Maiya is finally used to getting everything she wants, and the farm was/is apart of that, she grows new friendships with the class, Lisa, Sebastian, Linirose as well as Tobias. Maiya & Meredith are/have a good relationship. All is good!

Meredith owns her own mansion and farm combined in Canada, where the misty parts are impeccable and for the farm, it costs a lot to provide for them to survive, but she managed.


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