Thursday, 30 March 2017

Glenbrae Kids Visit

Today was a fulfilling day, as Room 7 had visited Glenbrae Kids.

When we entered the door of Glenbrae Kids, I was excited. Room 7 sat down quietly and began to sing a song called 'Toro Mai to Ringa'. Quite a few children was happy with the company of Room 7 which made the children sit on our laps and sway in between the tune of our beautiful voices. After the song was done, each students from room 7 choose a Glenbrae Kid & explored around.

Many students had an amazing time while "pretending" to be a false parent (Well, from my term).
(Here is a picture of my best friend Luisa)


Newsam P said...

Hey Aaliyahna, I loved how you described your day and how you explained what you have been doing with the kids. I also loved how you were telling people how the kids reactions were when room 7 walked in. Make sure to add more sentences and maybe details to your story.

Well done Aaliyahna!!!

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