Friday, 26 May 2017

Descriptive Writing :)

A similar shade to red, Velvet. A squared off shape, with abounding layers and hints of fuchsia and bubblegum lays a treat, a delicious one! The length and height is approximately 13.5 cm - Length  & 6.5 cm - Width, the details are very exclusive. The square object, has precisely shaded rigid piped lines of bubblegum glaze across the top right corner. The pink piped lines are unmissable, pleasant and appetizing and little did I know there was something existing and shimmering beneath.

The layer beneath is a luminous white frosting. The shades are impeccable, without a reflection, the luminous white brings the life to this object and makes it more detectable. In the middle of this luscious object hides a small patch, missing. But looks comparable to a candle, which had been forced out. In the candle patch, lays small bits of crumbs coloured Velvet and slight hints of brown. Below that layer is a velvet layer with hints of fuchsia peeking throughout this layer. On each side of the squared off cubicle object, the luminous white and velvet layers are evident. But then suddenly there’s peeks of a brown layer. Chocolate, I assume, It could be peanuts with brownie mixture?, who knows. The chocolaty, brownie layer contains, no crumbs, just an untouchable thickness.

On the very bottom lays the last layer of the partitioned object. The repeated layer of fuchsia, but instead of nothing on the layer, bloomed piped, oddly shaped shapes appear on the very bottom on the left side. Glistening white shapes across the very bottom, make the object more heavenly.


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