Monday, 8 May 2017

Physical Education ~ Netball๐Ÿ

Today (Monday 8th), Room 7 had P.E & we played Netball! Miss Ogram (our new Student Teacher) had her own individual group, she taught her group how to pass and the different types of passes, as well as Rock, Paper, Scissors. Mrs Tofa was the umpire and she had her group too, they played 6 minute games. Before we commenced we had a very short disscussion about the guildlines.
When I played at the position WA my 'opponent' was Alfred and you may not know, but I'm quite a tiny girl and it was difficult at times but I pulled through. The session was complete and we had a debriefing of what we had learnt.

 At the end of day, it was a very successful netball session.

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Mrs Tofa said...

There is so much potential in our students to do well in the sport. I enjoyed watching the skills and the perseverance everyone had.

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