Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sign Language with Tom/Deaf Aotearoa Tangata Turi๐Ÿ›‘

This morning, Tom visiting Room 7 to teach us about Sign Language.
He is deaf himself, which was really easy to catch on.

Firstly Tom, introduced himself to the class, using Sign Language. He handed out a booklet with the contents of the Alphabet and the phrases like "How are you". We took some time to "investigate" the booklet and slightly learn a bit from it. Ongoing with the session, he demonstrated how to do the alphabet using Sign Language one time, so we could adapt and another few times. After a while of learning the Alphabet, we moved onto learning the expression "Your name what" (yes, it isn't quite correct, but trust me, it is!).  We continued to learn the phrases and alphabet and decided it was time to do it with a partner, and, so we did! I had Cherise as my partner and we basically were attached to it.

Next was learning the colors in the rainbow, like blue, purple, green etc. We learn't purple, blue, pink, black, white, green and etc in Sign Language and it was tough to keep up, but I managed. After that, Tom gave us some test runs, he directed his finger at a certain color and we used Sign Language to present it. After learning the colors, we learn't about the family names. Mum, Dad, Sister, Baby, Boy, Girl and Brother, again, they were all so complicated (maybe I'm overacting) but I still managed.

Now it was time to learn the numbers in Sign Language, which I thought was simple. People basically already knew most of the numbers, until it came to 6, 9 & 10. Those numbers were convoluted, but in the end, I 'strived for success'. The next part of this sessions was learning the animals, I think I was pretty desperate to find out what a dog would be. We learn't a variety of animals, including, Fish, Shark, Dog (YAY!), Penguin, and many more. I enjoyed that activity and it was now time to present our learning in class. Tom asked in Sign Language "What is you favorite animal", and we would use what we have learnt and present it in a circle.

Tom asked a final question "Do you have any questions before I leave", and this wasn't using Sign Language, Room 7 was astonished, I guess. Finally, everyone had their own questions & Tom gave the answers.

Overall the day was fascinating, we enjoyed learning all about Sign Language & will definitely cherish that day, on forward.
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