Thursday, 9 February 2017

Recount Writing ~ My first day back at School

Recount Writing
Past Tense
Adjective/ Verb
Sequence of Events
Time words
Linking Paragraphs
* Awareness of Audience / Purpose
5 W'S ~ Who, What, Where, When, Why, How

My First Day Back at School

I walked into Glenbrae School filled with eager to see friends, teachers and teacher aides. I shuffled myself up the hill slowly while watching closely for friends. The weight of my bag was making me slow down, but I had finally saw my best friend, Maara. I was super cheerful, which made us have a little sit down and talk about our adventures during the holidays. The bright morning, sunshine breeze was amazing.

First, Maara and I waited patiently and loudly waited for more of our friends to turn up. Soon - after, all our delightful  friends came to school. We decided to catch up a little - which fortunately took us at least 30 minutes. We all walked to our classes, I was interrupted by Mr Nath (My Last Years Teacher), and told all the previous of Room 8 students to all line up and  prepare for the New year and new classes.

All students walked down to the hall and sat down quietly. I was nervous about which class I would be selected into, but then I realised, I’m a Year 8 student and all year 8’s are in the same class - that took away my nerves. I heard all the other students names being called into classes. Finally, my name was called, I am in Room 7 with Mrs Tofa. Mrs Tofa escorted all her students to Room 7, where there we placed our bags on hooks and sat down on comfy chairs.

Mrs Tofa called out the attendance, where students said “Good Morning, Mrs Tofa”. Long after the attendance, each student received a name tag and Mrs Tofa gave us instructions “Turn your card around place it on this table”. We had to each pick a name from the ‘name table’, until we finally realised we only have 17 students. Well, when that didn’t work out I suggested that “We line up and only a few pick a name, and which ever name they get will be the partner”. Technically it did work out until we all were over excited so Mrs Tofa decided she will pick for us.

Until every thing about the name tags was finished, we asked our partners some interesting questions about out 6 - 7 week School Holiday. We had learned all about each other's holidays so it was time to enjoy a little bit of fitness, Volleyball. The teams were very competitive but there had to be only one winner. The courageous winners of the Room 7 Volleyball was the Boys! The girls were very good losers but was determined to win the future games to come. That was my first day back at school!


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