Saturday, 11 February 2017

Treaty of Waitangi ~ Group Effort

This piece of work was all collaborative. We each had a section of work to do and proceeded with these perspectives.

Maori Perspectives
Hone - Heke -
Hone - Heke longed for some law in NZ, due to some Europeans settlers in Kororareka whose behaviour was out of control. Which is why he ordered the Europeans to stay.

Hariata Rongo - Hariata Rongo was a courageous person, she was very loyal and fierce. She did have a bit of concerns with the Treaty, but still believed her husband/maybe cousin could do something good. (Hone - Heke)

European Perspectives
William Hubson -
William Hubson wanted the treaty to be signed, but had no strength due to the conditions of being tispy. The Maori people considered him as an close European representative.

James Busby -  James Busby seemed so interested in the Treaty, since Queen Victoria ordered him to controlled everything with the signing. But truth be told, he didn't care at all, all he wanted was to get on with it. Nothing Else!

Why a treaty was needed?
Maori-  They desperately needed the treaty due to the behavior of European settlers in Kororareka/ Russell.
Also because the Europeans offered better and more advanced weapons which the Maori people wanted their hands on. They also signed the treaty because they wanted regulated settlement and support in controlling settlers and land sales.

Why some didn’t sign the treaty.
The treaty was not passed on to some areas in NZ, like Hawkes bay. There were treaty meetings, which some chiefs did not attend. The negotiators were impatient and decided to cut them out. Copies of the treaty reached other areas, but the chiefs refused to sign it. The chiefs valued their independence and were not prepared to work for the Queen.

Europeans - The Europeans wanted the Treaty because they wanted all their Land (Oil, Weapons, Tech and power, fame and righteousness).

How was New Zealand found?
Actually James Cook, found the mysterious New Zealand. He was assassinated, there are many conclusions onto what his death lead to but many about cannibalism. (In the Hawaiian Islands).


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