Monday, 27 February 2017

Water Pollution in Glenbrae School

Room 7 decided to do some researching inside Glenbrae School and explore what our school has in store for us. Room 7 were determined to search through drains and see how much rubbish Glenbrae stores into the drains, which lead into Water Pollution. After a while peeking through the drains of Glenbrae, Room 7 noticed that there were a lot of packaged food items. Multiple food packages were found not only in the drain, but all around the bright green grass. Mrs Tofa, took some pictures and about what type of rubbish is lurking inside our drains. Before Mrs Tofa decided for Room 7 to go outside searching for rubbish, she discussed creating a movie, slideshow or poster. Here is a few pictures on what type of rubbish Glenbrae had.


Newsam P said...

Hi Nannah, I feel sad for all the rubbish that people have been throwing around the community. What should we do about all these rubbish?

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