Friday, 24 February 2017

Sustainability ~ Water Pollution

It’s not too late to be cleaning up the streams and rivers, from pollution.

My perspective is about Water Pollution. How would this earth be with all the pollution in our Streams & Rivers. Many people just don’t care about what they are doing with their rubbish, the rubbish may be including fast foods or even just rubbish from local supermarkets. The worst thing about rubbish and water pollution is that all the sea life is being affected with all the rubbish. For example, a turtle had a long straw in it’s nostrils, I was very terrified while hearing this. Now it would be time for myself to answer some question.

  1. What is Water Pollution?
~ Water Pollution is chemical, physical or biological change in the quality of water, which give a critical effect. It will affect, whoever drinks from it and whatever lives inside it. Water Pollution is dangerous for all around the world, and needs to be stopped immediately.


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