Thursday, 9 February 2017

Waitangi Day ~ My perspective

Do we still need to be talking about the Treaty of Waitangi? 50% Yes, 50 % No!
Yes ~ We need to keep talking about the Europeans and what clauses that they had briefly broken/ what type of problems were caused by that. No ~ It’s because, we all want to move on from everything in the past. While watching the video you will learn the very truth about Waitangi.

If I was a Maori Chief, who had refused from signing the Treaty, I would have tried to convince tribes about signing the treaty, which could cause problems. If I was a Pakeha, (Maybe James Busby or William Hobson), I would only want to get it over with.

While watching the clip, it give you more knowledge about Waitangi and everything. You will also see the changes in population.

(all though my statements/perspective maybe inaccurate but, this is my own opinion)


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